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WHSTC Graduate 20 West Harlem Residents from P2A Apprenticeship Program

March 26, 2018

Twenty West Harlem residents were recognized on Friday, March 23, 2018 for completing a 4-week Building Trades Training offered by Pathways to Apprenticeship (P2A) in partnership with the West Harlem Skills Training Center (WHSTC).
The graduates were joined by their families. Each graduate spoke of the change they see coming into their lives and thanked WHDC. They were full of praises for the WHSTC Manager, Midgalia Rodriguez and the P2A Instructors. Executive Director of P2A, Dominique Bravo said that, “This program has created opportunities for men and women to build a foundation that will increase their skill set and make them viably trained workers in the construction industry.”
The next step is for the graduates to be interviewed and enrolled in various apprenticeship training by the unions such as Local 79.